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Wrote this as a reminder for myself in times of fear or whenever I feel scared.

Sometimes life gets hard,

And fear grips you tight,

Hiding feels like the safest & smartest ride.

I know it’s the last thing you want to do,

To step out there,


I feel you.

But hey, listen,

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: the only way out is through.

And yet, it’s still the last thing you’d like to do.

Can you face the fear and breathe it in and through,

Can you trust life that whatever happens is all happening not against but for you?

In the past, it was like,

“No, this isn’t what I want.”

I don’t want this situation in my life,

I’d rather hide,

Let’s put it aside,

I want to be happy and free,

Without dealing with my reality.

But hey, it’s not going anywhere.

It’ll linger,

And it’ll grow,

Becoming a monstrous nightmare show.

Face your fears,

They’re here to teach you,

And you grow.

I know one day you will be brave and face what scares you the most. I’m proud of you for becoming. I support you, I love you,

For Having trust in life,

I know it’s not always an easy or comfortable ride.

Remember, you’re a ‘Warrior of Light’.

To become one, you will go through darkness to find the light.

After, that you’ll shine so bright.

I know you will be the light

In the pictures, a watercolor ‘Warrior of Light’, painted a few years ago.


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