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Why I love dancing?

It’s a question I’m often asked, and this would

be my answer: dance is my fuel for rediscovery,

a powerful journey back to parts of myself long

overshadowed by concepts and thoughts.

It’s about finding back hope and dreams buried

beneath all the layers of dust. Allowing myself

to truly feel the essence of this moving body.

Each step, each sway, carries emotions,

a tangible expression of my innermost self.

Through dance, I immerse myself in the rhythm

of life, surrendering, offering my prayers in motion.

Dance is more than just movement;

it’s a communion with my heart,

a dialogue with my feet. It’s through dance

that I’ve learned to trust the wisdom of my body,

to listen to its whispers and follow her lead.

With each movement, I transcend into other realms, connecting with my ancestors, tapping into something infinitely greater than myself.

Dance awakens my senses, making me more attuned,

more open, and alive to both the beauty and chaos within me and the world around me.


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