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Sensitivity: My Superpower

It was the last thing I could ever think, feel, or say. Me, sensitive, soft, vulnerable, accommodating, empathetic, shy, and reserved. But realizing sensitivity as a superpower was beyond my imagination.

Often perceived as a burden. Feeling too much, getting overwhelmed, adjusting, pretending everything’s fine. Expressing my true feelings was discouraged, deemed complicated, negativity, or drama. Sensitivity remained, and the feelings unwelcomed by me or others turned against myself, accompanied by shame and the feeling of not being allowed to feel. So, yes, the mask came on.

But what does sensitivity as a superpower look like, and how do you reach that point? I could write a whole book about it, but for now, I can say that dance saved my life or brought me back to life.

It brought me back to my feelings, my inner perception, without the noise of stories and thoughts. It is an intuitive choreography of emotions in space; expressing without words, but with the movement of my body.

By restoring this intimate connection with myself, I learned to feel again. I learned especially to listen. What do I truly feel? Sadness? Love? Fear or anger ? And may I make space for that? It’s a process of giving permission to my emotions, instead of pushing them away as we often learned.

Releasing those blockades is the key to transformation. I’ve seen how it, not only for me but for others around me, leads to liberation and growth. It’s both scary and liberating.

Though I still catch myself sometimes being hesitant to allow and show my feelings, I remind myself to listen, take them seriously, and embody them. It’s a continuous journey of acceptance and letting go.


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