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On the way // Home

Just wrapped up an exhibition and already ready for a new adventure..! A while spent traveling to Italy, where part of my roots lie. This idea has been lingering in my mind for a long time; to stay there for a while and see what unfolds. But before I set off, I had some conditions: I needed to get my driver's license, arrange a van, and find a way to make income on the road.

My conditions kept growing, preventing me from taking the leap. Perhaps these conditions arose from fear of the unknown.

I used to believe that a certain place or country would change everything, but now I realize that most of the work is internal. Through dance, I've increasingly come to understand this; I feel at home in my body. What dance has taught me is that change always comes through movement, not the other way around. It was time to go, without the weight of all the conditions.

Last Monday, after dancing a delightful wave, I couldn't help but feel excited that I could take this body with me on the journey and that I found the dance, or perhaps it found me. This allows me to experience the feeling of freedom, flow, being in the present moment, dancing out of my head and into my body, everywhere! What richness! And that gives me a bit more confidence for the unknown. Knowing that I always have my body with me, I feel at home.

My first destination is Tuscany. I'll keep you updated on my discoveries, twists and turns, culinary adventures, and creations from time to time.


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