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It’s a first

If you were to ask me about all the work I’ve done in my life so far,

I’d have to take a moment. But working in a coffee bar, that’s something I’ve never done before. And that’s coming from a (half) Italian who loves coffee. No, it’s definitely not an addiction, but the ritual and the aroma of making coffee with a moka pot have always appealed to me. Today, I had the chance to stand behind the bar and make my first coffee. It felt like a sort of innocent wonder and excitement!

My colleague taught me the tricks of the trade. Because every profession involves craftsmanship, I’m realizing more and more. And the attention and love put into it are tangible, just like when creating jewelry or a dish. I’d love to tell you more about work and craftsmanship, but I’ll save that for next time. Here’s my first cappuccino from behind the bar.


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