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Healing Through Care

Today I want to share more about my intuitive practices, they seem to come more natural now that I feel more connected with my intuition. A few days ago, I hurt my little toe, and although it’s healing quickly, I felt drawn to give it some extra attention.

Today, I followed my instincts and found myself sitting beside a tree, allowing myself to rest. I decided to paint my feet, focusing on the toe that’s in the process of healing. It felt like a beautiful offering, a way to honor my body. Each stroke of paint was a gesture of care, done intuitively without concern for the end result.

As I sat there in the warmth of the sun, my feet grounded in the earth, I realized the importance of intentionality in caring for oneself. Often, when we’re hurt or unwell, our initial reaction is resistance. We don’t want to acknowledge the discomfort and see it as an inconvenience. But what if pain serves as a messenger, urging us to slow down and enjoy moments of rest and introspection?

Shifting my perspective, I saw my pain not as something to be rejected but as a call to love myself a little more. Today, I embraced the opportunity to slow down, expressing gratitude for the simple act of being present with my body and its needs.


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