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Giving = Receiving

Sharing a watercolor that I created for a friend. Over the past few weeks, I’ve met some wonderful individuals in this community; people with whom I’ve lived, shared, and grown. It truly felt like home in a profound and enriching way, friends. Connecting like this is special.

I’ve decided to stay here for the summer, while some of them have decided it’s time to move on. I hadn’t realized the impact it would have on me to be the one staying, missing their company. It further underlined the bonds I’ve formed. The watercolor I’m sharing with you today, I made for Meera, my roommate and Sufi dancer. She introduced me to Sufi dance, a form of dance I fell in love with. She also showed me the grace of embracing one’s feminine energy being receptive, playful, and powerful simultaneously. It was a joy to connect and explore these aspects of myself on a deeper level, serving as mirrors for each other. I gifted her this watercolor as a reminder that wherever she goes and whatever she does, life will flourish around her. Perhaps it’s also a reminder for myself. I’ve noticed that creating from a place of care, love, and wishes brings me immense joy. When I create from this space, my inner critic has no ground to stand on. It’s like offering a prayer or a wish, saying: “It was lovely to meet you, and I wish you the best,” through an artwork. Creating in this manner allows me to both give and receive simultaneously.


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