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Embrace Your Vulnerability

It feels like swirling in a washing machine, where everything is being cleaned at a rapid pace. Every day brings something new to the surface, often something old that lingered within me.

Today, it was about my heart and my connection with the opposite sex. I notice the gap between us fading, feeling more comfortable in their presence, daring to show my vulnerability, feel their pain, and share love.

Until recently, this seemed unattainable. I kept myself constantly on guard, feeling the need to wear a mask to appear funnier or more enjoyable, leaving no room for my true emotions. But now that I embrace authenticity, I notice others opening up as well, as if my openness is an invitation.

From this invitation, beautiful friendships blossom that I never deemed possible, and with each day, my heart softens a bit more as the protective layers peel away. I begin to understand and, most importantly, feel that men also harbor emotions, although they may not always show them. Society’s expectations of toughness and strength can weigh heavily. But dear men, we women embrace your vulnerability and honesty with open arms.

When I look at others through the lens of love, suddenly, they don’t seem so different from me. It’s a journey that binds me closer to others, while simultaneously embracing my own vulnerability.

 In the image, you’ll find a drawing of an anatomical heart with an eye nestled within. I created this a few years ago when my wish was to see through the eyes of love.


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