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A plate of Self-Love, Please

The word self-love is sometimes used so often that it seems almost meaningless, as if it’s something to achieve without truly understanding what it entails.

But for me, self-love is made up of many facets or layers.

It starts with small acts of self-care, like creating peaceful moments amidst the busy everyday life. But it goes beyond that; it’s a journey that leads me to a deeper understanding of who I am and what I need to navigate life.

It’s about taking good care of myself, preparing delicious and healthy meals, moments of relaxation and connection, like spending time with friends, buying flowers for myself, taking a bath, or simply chatting with grandma.

For me, self-love was a long search for balance. But now I understand that self-love might be something you experience not by doing or achieving something, but when something shifts within yourself.

It’s about ensuring that my soul can breathe, and that I’m not just surviving but truly living.

Despite all the workshops, coaching, and therapy, self-criticism remained a harsh voice in my head. Self-love sometimes felt like a bandage on a wound that hadn’t fully healed. But now I realize that self-compassion brings true healing.

It’s embracing myself, even in moments when I fall back into old patterns, when I feel vulnerable or doubtful. It’s speaking to myself lovingly and accepting myself, embracing myself as if I were that little child again, and saying you’re okay, you’re welcome just as you are. And the funny thing is, from compassion comes self-love; the words are changing within me. It’s the way I care for myself, I breathe more deeply. It allows me to embrace both the darkness and the light within myself.

It’s not something I can buy, achieve or order; it comes from within.

In the image, you see the plate of Overflowing, a unique piece, handcrafted from porcelain and painted with pigments on the potter’s wheel just a few months ago in Amsterdam.

For more information or inquiries, please send a PM.


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